Engagement in the Mountains – Couples Photos at Mount Baker

Blessing the blog with some mountain magic for the fall! Shooting at the legendary Mount Baker was every bit as dreamy and breathtaking as you’d expect. Even though I have an irrational fear of Mount Baker erupting while we still live here because she’s waaaaaay overdue to. (Gotta love those intrusive thoughts right?) Well needless to say, capturing the beauty of the mountain was totally safe and such a breathtaking experience and the only thing it blew was my mind.

Megan and Ian are getting married next summer and I’m so flipping excited for their wedding to get here! Mount Baker is so near and dear to these two, so the location for engagement photos was a given. Their dogs name is even Baker, which I kinda love.

I’m so excited to share this beautiful gallery! I had the best time with it and I could not wait to show the world!

Do these not make you want to take a hike into the mountains?!

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Engagement in the Mountains – Couples Photos at Mount Baker

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