Backyard Intimate Wedding- The Steele’s

Reasons why you should have a backyard wedding surrounded by your closest friends and besties (or no one if that’s how you wanna roll)- because the entire day will be centered around nothing but love. No stress about venue timelines, no stress about the crazy amounts of decor, no stress about when you need to leave to get ready, you can take a nap before the party in your own bed, no stress about leaving and cleaning by a certain time because that’s all you booked the venue for, no stress about having a DD or an uber, need I go on????? The BEST example of a true, perfect, backyard wedding is my Uncle Dave and new Aunt Pam’s. 

Anyone who knows my Uncle Dave knows two things. The first- he’s quite literally one of the greatest men to ever live. And second- he deserves all the happiness that this earthly world could possibly provide. Back in good ol 2020 (lol) when the world was shut down and there was nothing to do but take your dog for a walk my Uncle Dave met Pam doing just that. That June I went home to Arizona for a small baby shower for the bun I was cookin’ and to see my family (I was lonely af with my husband working 16 hour days so I needed a good fam fix). I remember hearing about this new gal named Pam that he would occasionally see and chat with when taking the pup for a stroll….which then turned into margarita nights with Pam and all her ladies….and for MONTHS all we heard was “she’s not my girlfriend” with the goofiest smile. And before I go any further, that goofy smile from Uncle Dave was the most genuine and happy I had seen him in so so so long, makes me cry just thinking about it. Anyways, fast forward many, many margarita nights and hangouts and dates and its now March 2021, I think. I’m back in AZ with my gremlin so naturally we have to see Uncle Dave, so we do. And I ask, so how’s your girlfriend Pam???? And for the first time (at least to me) there was no “she’s not girlfriend” and chuckle, instead it was “she’s great actually” with a chuckle. I about screamed because that was the best thing I could’ve heard! That man was glowing like I had never seen in my entire 26 years. I got to meet Pam that same weekend and she fit in perfectly with him. A literal match made in heaven (shout out to the Lord for creating those two for each other). She is one of the spunkiest, kindest, funnest ladies I have had the pleasure of knowing, especially for a Steelers fan 😉 Okay fast forward again, it’s June 2021. I get a text from Uncle Dave…it says….”guess who’s engaged” and once again, I could scream from overflowing joy. September of 2021 was the big day, in my Uncle Dave and new Aunt Pam’s backyard, where we (and by we I mean my sister, cousins Sammy and Jonny, and I) had all grown up. The day was literally perfect. All those two cared about was getting married with their closest family and friends there, they didn’t care about going balls to the wall with decor, catering, florals, etc., instead they centered the day around our Lord and them and their love and just let everything else piece together on its own. There was not a dry eye in that yard during their ceremony, pretty sure everyone was bawling at some point. The two of them were radiating with the kind of happiness and love that you don’t come across often. The kind that made every trial and tribulation through life worth it, finally. Their wedding was how weddings should be, about each other’s love and that’s it. No one cared about aesthetics or epic-ness or getting the coolest, trendy decor or the coolest, trendy poses and photos, they just cared about each other and spending the afternoon with their closest people in celebration. And it was the most beautiful, fulfilling day that I have ever been a part of.

****disclaimer- if you’re trendy and cool and epic and aesthetic and that’s how you want your day to be, to reflect you and your partner, then absolutely do it.***** I got MEGA love for all my clients, past, current, and future, and their stories but this one will always be my number one favorite.

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Backyard Intimate Wedding- The Steele’s

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